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I bring my experience to this service as someone who worked in the saw in the early development of ADR processes, as they were emerging in the early 90's, from the coal-face, in the role of a private sector Ombudsman, as an Adjudicator, Arbitrator and Mediator and later -–from in 2001 as the founder / coordinator of Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies and Adjunct Lecturer in Mediation and ADR Studies- Trinity College Dublin.

For an insight into my experience in the area of alternative dispute resolution and my contribution to its development please have a look at the ISE Website where you will also find a summary of my work in the area of lecturing and training in Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies and the accredited mediation training workshops I have conducted in commercial mediation for professional and other bodies as well as designing and implementing Mediation and Arbitration Schemes, dispute and complaint handling systems and Appeal Processes for professional bodies, Institutions and organisations.

Mediation Forum - Ireland is the progression of a two part plan to establish the study, research, practice and thinking in relation to the emerging dispute resolution processes in a sound academic base and to provide a leading professional, vibrant consultancy and Mediation service with the benefit of the many highly skilled and talented people who have applied themselves to defining their skills in this area through study and represent a rich resource and network of specialist practitioners.

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