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Training and Development

Please bear in mind that there are any benefits to studying all of the Alternative Dispute Resolution processes  (ADRs) and Mediation in particular.

Many have found that this enhances  personal and professional  communication skills because to be good Mediators we have to review and enhance our capacity to listen. The added  benefit of doing a training course in this subject  is that it provides an opportunity to sit back and consider the many facets to communications and to dig deep within our own abilities to engage with conflicts and disputes and appreciate  the skill of 'separating the person from the problem' and being objective about the interests of the parties while searching for the zone of potential agreement where there are common interests.


Over the  last number of years, I  have worked to promote the study and practice of ADRs such as Civil &Commercial Mediation. I lead training with the European Training Team in training the Western Circuit Bar of England and Wales, and have directed Accredited Mediation Training for the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland.

Nearer to home, I facilitated  and lead the Bar Council of Ireland's Accredited Mediation Training programmes 2004 - 2005,.

I have delivered a range of  Lectures and Mediation Training Courses notably to the The Post Graduate Diploma in Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies (CDRS) at ISE-Trinity College, the Law Society School of Education, the M.Phil in International Peace Studies in ISE - Trinity College, the Church of Ireland's Mediation Diosecan Mediation Scheme and at  a range of Continuing Professional Development Courses and  Mediation Training Workshops.

 I  have provided Guest  Training for various  CPD Programmes and Courses  by way of the MFI Foundation Course- which is an Introduction to Mediation. For those who wish to take it further - there is  the option of progressing to do an Advanced Mediation Course - which concludes with an Open-Book Examination - which  is scrutinised by our External Examiner- Dr J.K.Barret  formerly of Dublin City University Business School ,to qualify for a Certificate confirming completion of the  theoretical, practical and assessment steps necessary for Accreditation by MFI.
A wide range of people interested in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)  who have sought to further their  knowledge and skills in this area  have been included on the MFI panel. We have a rich resource of people commited to high standards in the practice of Civil Mediation.

In addition to directing training and workshops in the practice of Civil Mediation, I  have been engaged to devise Mediation and redress Schemes and implement them providing the necessary training, guidance on practice standards. In addition to advice and consultancy in relation to training,  I  have conducted audits of complaint handling processes and can design and review the implementation of  bespoke Mediation and Arbitration Schemes and Ombudsman Schemes,

From the people on our network, there are those whose skills range from Commercial Mediation, to Community type Mediation, Restorative Justice processes, Human Resource conflict management systems, Workplace Facilitation and Expert Determination.

Mediation Forum - Ireland's panel reflects the diversity of the public which it sets out to work with. The Forum  also aims to provide a channel for the exchange of information and dialogue and  inform the on- going debate as to how best to progress the use and effectiveness of ADRs and Mediation in particular. Your role in this is vital whether you are a business or other user who may need to access this service or whether you are a practitioner we welcome your comments and feed-back. Contact: pmarrinanquinn@eircom.net

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