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Appointments and Referrals

It is widely accepted that effective dispute resolution, to a large extent, is influenced by the qualities and experience of the facilitator. Through the MFI referral service, parties can draw upon our network of over 100  certified ADR practitioners and Mediators from within Ireland and from other countries. The members of our network range from highly specialized practitioners and experts.

How the referral system works

Step 1: Contact Mediation Forum-Ireland

Contact Mediation Forum-Ireland.
Typically one party may suggest Mediation; their Solicitor will contact the Solicitor for the other side of the dispute and suggest or request that the parties consider Mediation. Once they have agreed the next step is to choose a Mediator. The Solicitor making contact with MFI to request the nomination of a Mediator will need to convey some, or all, of the following information, in confidence, at the outset.
  • Desired ADR method of resolving the dispute (i.e. arbitration, mediation, other)
  • Applicable rules (has the case been referred from the Court)
  • Governing law.
  • Identity of the parties and their representatives on a confidential basis so that we can check whether potential nominees are conflicted
  • Issues to be mediated.
  • Preferred venue of the process


Step 2: MFI checks availability of suitable practictioners

When MFI is consulted to nominate a Mediator, the administrator will identify  a number of available members from  the Forum. In view of the need for the Mediator  to preserve her or his  impartiality and independence and avoid any perception of bias or connection, MFI will need to provide potential nominees with an  the ouline of the dispute to provide the practitioner with the opportunity of confirming that no conflict arises.

Step 3: The parties are presented with details of the nominees

After careful consideration, MFI will make available to the Solicitors acting for the disputing parties, details of appropriate nominees once their availability has been confirmed with confirmation that there is no conflict of interest in the matter,and their permission is  given  to provide access to their page on the MFI website with their professional details. In response to a request for a referral, regard will be had for the location of the dispute and the time frame within which the mediation needs to be arranged.

MFI will be pleased to discuss how it can assist conflicting parties in a search for an Appropriate Dispute Resolution process.

MFI undertakes to keep confidential the existence of all requests and enquiries and any information disclosed by the parties.

Please be assured also that all mediations are conducted under the MFI Mediation Rules, guided by the EU Code of Conduct for Mediators, so the relevant confidentiality provisions apply. For further assistance please contact mediationforumireland@eircom.net

Whereas MFI hosts a list of people who have studied and are qualified in the area of Conflict and Dispute Resolution and will nominate a number  of those members of the Forum when requested from which the parties in dispute can make a choice,  MFI is not responsible for the actions of those practitioners. All MFI Mediators agree to comply with the EU Code of Conduct for Mediators and to conduct the process in the spirit of the objectives of the EU Directive on ADR and related matters.

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