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Dialogue, debate, and discussion

The aim of Mediation Forum - Ireland is to promote high standards in the practice of Alternative Dispute Resolution processes and provide advice and guidance on Mediation and other non adversarial methods as a means of conflict  management and resolution.

To this end we hope to encourage dialogue, debate and discussion on all aspects of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADRs) to ensure that ADR processes are used to maximum effect and that people properly understand the different processes and how they work.

Mediation Forum - Ireland is the progression of the plan to facilitate the study, research, practice and thinking in relation to non-adversarial dispute resolution processes in a sound academic base and to provide a leading professional, consultancy and Mediation service with the benefit of the many highly skilled and talented people who have applied themselves to refining their skills in this area and represent a rich resource and network of specialist practitioners.

We welcome comments and contributions from those who have an interest in ensuring the wider use and development of conflict and dispute resolution methods . Contact:pmarrinanquinn@eircom.net

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