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Welcome to Mediation Forum - Ireland.

Dear  Member or Visitor,
Welcome to  Mediation Forum-Ireland  (MFI)  from the founder -  Paulyn Marrinan Quinn.

This is a resource to which you can turn and upon which you can depend for confidential support when you need guidance as to resolving disputes.

We provide information or intervention in relation to disputes within or between businesses or organisations where discretion, time,and privacy are of the essence.

We have just launched a new Consultancy Support Service: 'The Power of Speech' - Give your message  wings'.

We provide bespoke training for individuals who need to refresh communication skills. We can provide support in communications strategies.

MFI provides a valuable resource which may assist you in the avoidance,management,and resolution of disputes. 

We also assist at Board Level with discreet coaching or help on a ' trouble-shooting'   basis where there are difficulties.

We provide in-house Mediation Skills training.

We deliver
'Let's Talk about Disputes'  comprising a  series of Forum meetings in your workplaces to explore how much the employees know about  managing and resolving conflict  and how much more they need to know.

Specfic experience gained in the operation of Ombudsman Schemes may be of assistance to those considering the establishment of an Office of Ombudsman or a review
of its effectiveness.

We  provide information sessions on the processes available to manage disputes and  deliver guest training for many Professional Bodies  and organisations.

MFI grew out of the wing of the Post Graduate Diploma in Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies (CDRS), established by Paulyn Marrinan Quinn, at ISE-Trinity College Dublin University www.tcd.ie ,from which a rich resource of skilled ADR practitioners was emerging from the first academic year in 2001. 

Over the subsequent years, those qualified from the Trinity post-graduate programme have been joined, on the MFI panel, by many professional and business people who have completed bespoke Mediation Training programmes devised in a way to provide a high standard of practical training guided by my experience of national and international standards in this area while directing the Post Graduate Studies programme  - over a  ten year period, in this and other jurisdictions, that witnessed the development  and acknowledgement of emerging  processes in the resolution of disputes that are amenable to  early  non-adversarial intervention


After directing the Post Graduate Programme for ten years, I lectured and conducted  the ADR and Mediation teaching and training on the CDRS programme  in Trinity College as Adjunct Assistant Professor of Mediation & ADR Studies until 2014.

Those of you who are keenly following the development of ADRs and mediation in this, and other, jurisdictions will be aware of the introduction of new Court Rules to promote mediation and conciliation in proceedings in the Superior Courts.
These Rules were introduced following provisional recommendations from the Law Reform Commission (LRC) in its Consultation Paper on Alternative Dispute Resolution processes (ADRs).  The Rules provide for a mechanism quite similar to the type used in the Commercial Court. The new provisions specify that the refusal or failure, without good reason, of a party to participate in mediation or conciliation may be taken into account by the Court when awarding costs. 

More recently, there has been some debate and discussion , at the Draft Heads of  Bill stage, in relation to proposed Mediation legislation. We welcome further debate and comment on the proposed measures as set out in the Draft Heads of Bill.
For further information on this see the Department of Justice website.

You might like to know a bit more about the origins of MFI and its founder.

Paulyn Marrinan Quinn SC, Mediator, Founder Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies, Convener Mediation Forum - Ireland

Adjunct Professor – Mediation and ADR Studies ISE-Trinity College, Paulyn has worked in the area of ADRs since the 1990s when she served as the founding Insurance Ombudsman of Ireland. (1992-1998)

To develop standards of best practice and a Centre of excellence in this field of work, she founded the Post Graduate Programme in Trinity  which she directed for over ten years until she handed over the co-ordinating role to Dr Gillian Wylie of Trinity College, in 2011. From this  Post Graduate Programme, emerged experts from the public and private sector who were expanding their skills to engage in the practice of mediation and hence  Mediation Forum - Ireland  developed to harbour an expanding panel of skilled Mediators.

Paulyn has lectured in this area extensively at home and abroad. She was invited by the Dept. of Constitutional Affairs in the UK to address members of the Judiciary on Commercial Mediation  when they were introducing the County Court annexed Mediation service. In 2006, she was invited, on the nomination of the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) in the UK  to contribute to a  Conference when they were launching the Mediation Help Line in Birmingham.

Since serving as the founding Ombudsman for the Defence Forces - Ireland (2005-2012) she continues to advise, at the invitation of International Bodies such as the OSCE / ODIHR and the Geneva based Centre for Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), in relation to the civilian oversight function of an Office of Military Ombudsman, a range of matters connected to the protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Armed Forces Personnel,mainstreaming gender issues in the Security Sectors and the essential elements of establishing an independent Office  of Military Ombudsman and the enabling legislation.

As a former member of the Bar Council of Ireland's ADR and Arbitration Committee, she has directed a series of bespoke Accredited Mediation training programmes for members of the Irish Bar, the Western Bar of England and Wales , the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland  and has been guest trainer on  ADR professional development training courses  at home and overseas.

Among the professional groups she has trained are the Western Circuit of the Bar of England and Wales and the Faculty of Advocates in Scotland.
She has also advised in relation to the creation of bespoke ADR, Arbitration, Dispute Resolution and Mediation Schemes to a number of professional organisations and institutions. 

Paulyn was a founding member and a past Vice Chair of the Irish Commercial Mediation Association (ICMA) .

Mediation Forum Ireland was nominated by the Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform, as a Prescribed Body under Section 15 of the Civil Liability and Courts Act 2004 Continue...


Training,Consultancy, Coaching.

For more than a decade, Paulyn  been involved in devising  bespoke Mediation and Arbitration Schemes such as the Bar Council  of Ireland Small Claims Arbitration Scheme.She has been  been engaged to monitor their implementation - providing the necessary guidance, training, and practice standards. 

Paulyn  is now available to  advise on and devise bespoke complaint handling systems for organisations.

She can provide coaching and mentoring support in relation to  corporate disputes and assist in the implementation of  in-house conflict management practices and bespoke training programmes.


We welcome comments and contributions from our Forum members who have an interest in ensuring the wider use and development of conflict and dispute resolution methods. Contact pmarrinanquinn@eircom.net

The need for effective conflict management and dispute resolution policies and skills is as urgent in the workplace, business to business, business to customer as it is in the boardrooms of large corporations, institutions and other organisations where ongoing good relationships will benefit from resolving disputes in a non-adversarial way. Contact: pmarrinanquinn@eircom.net

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